Bookkeeper steals $325,000 from small business owner

In 2006, Tim Fruehe, owner of a successful family-owned t-shirt company called Simply Smashing, Inc., in Oakhurst, CA, hired Sue Tashima as his bookkeeper. He said he hired her because of her 20 years of experience, seemingly spotless record, and her charming personality. She was loved by everyone and, as it happens in many small businesses, she became a part of his family. She babysat his children and bought gifts for them on special occasions. She was an all-around sweet lady. Her efficiency and skill appeared to be saving the company money.

When the business started losing money from 2008 to 2010, Tim placed the blame on the recession. He started liquidating his personal assets to keep the business afloat. He sold his two homes and took $150,000 from his personal retirement savings, just to stay in business and keep his employees working.

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This is a true story and it is happening every day! Business owners who think “fraud doesn’t happen here” are in for a rude awakening.  If you do not protect your business, you could very well lose it.

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Bernadette L. Harris is a Forensic Accountant, Certified Fraud Examiner, Expert Witness, Keynote Speaker, and #1 bestselling author who has helped hundreds of business owners put systems in place to protect their businesses and prepare for growth.

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