Making Money In Business

4 Keys Every Business Owner Needs to S.T.A.Y. In Business

I started my very first business in 1998.  While entrepreneurship was NEVER on my radar, I have enjoyed the freedom it has brought to my life and the benefits to my family.  I simply want this for others. After seeing my clients make the same mistakes over and over again, […]

12 Common Bookkeeping Mistakes 2

12 Common Bookkeeping Mistakes to Avoid 1. Commingling funds – So many business owners are guilty of either using the business account to pay for personal expenses or paying business expenses through the personal account. This is a big NO NO! 2. Misclassifying workers – Times are tough and staffs […]

Employee or Independent Contractor?

When determining whether your workers are employees or independent contractors, there are several factors you must consider.  The traditional test to determine a worker’s status involves the concept of control.  The IRS developed 20 factors to resolve a worker’s status as an independent contractor under the common law.  The burden […]